Ethnic Inequality: Comparative Approach

Provided by: UMA
Bachelor's degree (EQF level: 6)

The sociology of migration is undoubtedly one of the sociological areas that have experienced a noticeable upswing in recent years. In the course Ethnic Inequality Comparative approach, we cover a broad array of topics in migration sociology. We first carry out the sociological examination of the causes of migration and address the question what immigrant selectivity means for their successful integration into host countries. The second part of the course deals with the consequences of migration for immigrants themselves and for their incorporation in new societies. We particularly explore cultural, structural, social and identificational aspects of immigrants integration. In the third part of the course we look into the reactions of the native-born majority population towards newcomers and the general consequences of immigration for the host society. The breadth of the topics covered by the course reflects the heterogeneity of the field, both theoretically, methodologically and empiri

  • spring semester 2023

    Course start date 2023-02-14
    Course end date 2023-05-30
    Language English
    Credits 6 (ECTS)
    Engagement hours 180
    Grading scheme: very good (1,0 - 1,5), good (1,6 - 2,5), satisfactory (2,6 - 3,5), sufficient (3,6 - 4,0), failed (5,0)