E581 International Trade

Provided by: UMA
Master's degree (EQF level: 7)

International trade has always generated a great deal of controversy. By focusing on the determinants, patterns, and effects of international trade, this course demystifies some of the complex issues that surround discussions of globalization. Why do countries trade with each other? Who gains and who loses from international trade? What are the labor market consequences of international trade, and is trade liberalization responsible for rising inequality? Why do countries have trade disputes?

  • spring semester 2023

    Course start date 2023-02-13
    Course end date 2023-05-29
    Language English
    Credits 7.5 (ECTS)
    Engagement hours 225
    Grading scheme: very good (1,0 - 1,5), good (1,6 - 2,5), satisfactory (2,6 - 3,5), sufficient (3,6 - 4,0), failed (5,0)