German for absolute beginners (A1)

Provided by: UMA
Staff Course

Understanding and formulating simple statements and questions, basic vocabulary relating to subject matter at hand. Asking for personal information (name, background, place of residence, etc.). Enquiring about someones well-being, expressing ones well-being Family, town of residence, address, shopping: groceries, prices and quantities, numbers and figures. At home: places, furniture, tools and appliances. Grammar topics: conjugation of verbs, question words, inversion in questions, prepositions (in- aus), articles, singular and plural forms of nouns. Textbook: Schritte plus Neu 1 (Hueber Verlag). Registration through: (Affiliation = ENGAGE.EU Staff Member). Please send an email after your registration with the information that you have registered for the course as an ENGAGE.EU Staff Member: [email protected]. Time: Wednesday- 19:00 20:30.

  • Spring Semester 2023/24

    Course start date 2024-02-21
    Course end date 2024-05-08
    Language English
    Grading scheme: no credit scheme