Collective Intelligence / facilitation

Provided by: UTC1
Staff Course

1 -Identify the fundamentals of codesign and facilitation: Know the definition - Understand the interest of integrating it into daily practices + Know the history of Codesign and its origins and the different methods + Recognise the levers to activate in codesign and facilitation: Know the different collaborative approaches/ Understand the importance of scoping/Know the facilitator's postures/ 2- Implementing codesign: Experience the facilitator's postures through role plays/ Practice the different methods and tools of codesign through role plays /Analyse a codesign situation/ Develop your codesign posture by defining your needs for further study and implementation of actions.

  • Fall term 2023/24

    Course start date 2023-11-09
    Course end date 2023-11-17
    Language English
    Grading scheme: no grading scheme