Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Science Doctoral Course

Provided by: HSE
(EQF level: 8)

This course aims to offer hands-on training and support in Research data management (RDM) know-how. Effective and responsible RDM is an essential requirement of good scientific practices and research skills. After the course, you will have the knowledge and skills to complete your various different RDM tasks throughout your research data life cycle. The course is also designed as an introduction to open science principles and practices. You will learn how to apply and integrate these key principles and practices into your daily research life as an open and responsible researcher. The course will give you knowledge on: what are the international and national policies and recommendations on open science, why more and more research funders and organizations require open science, how to publish open access to scholarly publications, research data, and educational resources, how to improve the visibility and impact of your research, and what does transparent and responsible research evaluation mean to you.

  • 2024/2025-1/2 - semester 1 of 2

    Course start date 2024-10-18
    Course end date 2024-12-13
    Language English
    Credits 1 (ECTS)
    Grading scheme: