Introduction to European Governance

Provided by: Tilburg
Bachelor's degree (EQF level: 6)

This course provides an introduction to the nuts and bolts of the European Union, its institutions, policies and European(ized) governance, but does so at a high level, requiring a good amount of self-study and pro-activeness of students when it comes to obtaining basic knowledge. The focus of the course is then on applying this knowledge, learning how to find the (policy, legal etc.) information needed to make sense of concrete cases. The ultimate aim is to make students aware of the essentials of the European context of public administration, including its political dynamics, at various levels of governance. Through abundant use of real-life examples and concrete cases, students will have the opportunity to get a taste of the practice of European(ized) governance.

  • 2023/2024 - Semester 1 of 2

    Course start date 2023-08-28
    Course end date 2024-01-28
    Language English
    Credits 6 (ECTS)
    Grading scheme: Grades will be awarded on a 10 point scale where 6 is the passing grade