GLB: International Human Rights Law

Provided by: Tilburg
Bachelor's degree (EQF level: 6)

Upon successful completion of the course, students shall

1. Have acquired working knowledge of the main legal protection mechanisms relevant for human rights litigation against business actors
2. Be able to explain and discuss a broad variety of strategies civil society organisations have deployed in holding business actors accountable for their human rights and environmental impacts
3. Be able to assess the prospects and challenges of human rights litigation in its broader political, social and economic contexts
4. Have learnt to use legal and policy arguments pertaining to human rights litigation in a globalised world

The course focuses on human rights litigation in a globalized world, where traditional protection mechanisms of public international law that heavily rely on the state prove increasingly insufficient to ensure accountability of business actors for human rights violations. Apart from offering students a solid doctrinal foundation in the multi-disciplinary field of ‘business and human rights’, the course also enables them to place human rights litigation in its broader social, economic and political contexts, including issues of development and the role of global civil society.

The first part of the course provides students with the legal knowledge and skills necessary to appreciate the significance and challenges of human rights litigation in a globalized world. Apart from protection mechanisms in public (international) law and private (international) law, it discusses the global legal and governance framework envisaged by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

The second part of the course uses concrete case studies to introduce students to various hard- and soft-law instruments through which litigants have attempted to hold business actors accountable for their human rights impacts. In addition to international human rights law and transnational tort litigation, the course covers aspects of criminal law and environmental law, international arbitration, litigation for unfair competition and liability of social auditors, and the complaints procedure before the OECD National Contact Points.

  • Fall Semester 2022/23 (from to )

    Course start date 2022-09-01
    Course end date 2022-12-23
    Language English
    Credits 6 (ECTS)
    Grading scheme: Grades will be awarded on a 10 point scale where 6 is the passing grade