Conscious Marketing

Provided by: WU
Bachelor's degree (EQF level: 6)

Students will learn the theoretical background about creating conscious and active brands, learning the purpose and the reason of this conscious movement and how they could be part of this movement, in order to help companies and Startups by creating an appropriate marketing plan. As an example, they have to compare different sectors and best cases for conscious marketing like textile, furnishing, automobiles, buildings, retailing, food, cosmetics, beauty etc. and make in-class presentations.

  • 2023/2024 - semester 1 of 2 (Fall/Winter)

    Course start date 2023-10-06
    Course end date 2023-12-16
    Language English
    Credits 6 (ECTS)
    Grading scheme: 1 - excellent 2 - good 3 - satisfactory 4 - sufficient 5 - fail