Introduction to the US-Business Law and International Arbitration Law

Provided by: WU
Bachelor's degree (EQF level: 6)

The first half of this lecture series provides an introduction to common law contracts (including the concepts of offer, acceptance, consideration, damages etc.) as well as an overview of U.S. corporations law. The second half of this lecture series will look at the legal and economic importance of international arbitration as an instrument for minimizing risks and enforcing rights. After an introduction to the basic principles of international arbitration, the course will look more closely into the practice of ICC arbitration and of international investment arbitration. Moreover, it also provides practical suggestions for the drafting of arbitration agreements, for the efficient conduct of arbitrations as well as for the consensual resolution of disputes, in particular through mediation.

  • 2024/2025 - semester 1 of 2 (Fall/Winter)

    Course start date 2024-10-01
    Course end date 2025-01-31
    Language English
    Credits 6 (ECTS)
    Grading scheme: 1 - excellent 2 - good 3 - satisfactory 4 - sufficient 5 - fail