Innovations and investments in business

Provided by: UNWE
Bachelor's degree (EQF level: 6)

Developing and managing innovation projects Create budgets for investment projects Innovation Management theory: innovation types, business models, innovation fundamentals, open and user innovation, innovation process, innovation funding Building innovation strategy and innovation process Developing cost-benefit analysis Technology for innovation Preparing pitch desk for innovation projects for investors

  • Winter semester of 2024/2025

    Course start date 2024-09-16
    Course end date 2025-01-20
    Language English
    Credits 5 (ECTS)
    Grading scheme: The following grading criteria apply: - Individual in-class participation: 10% - Group assignments: 40% - Final exam: 50% All students must attend the first session (introductory session) and join a team (for the group assignment). The last two-hour session in the schedule constitutes the final exam and it is again mandatory for all students.