Corporate Governance

Provided by: UNWE
Master's degree (EQF level: 7)

This course is designed in compliance with the contemporary requirements for knowledge, skills and competences at master level.

The course provides the students with the knowledge of:
• Corporate Governance - theory and practice. Board composition and resposibilities; the role of stakeholders;
Sustainable development and corporate governance
• The link between corporate board decisions and international business incl. management

The course will help students acquire skills and competences such as:
• Analytical thinking and reasoning
• Business judgement
• Networking
• Communication

  • Spring/summer semester of 2022/2023 (from to )

    Course start date 2023-01-30
    Course end date 2023-06-04
    Language English
    Credits 6 (ECTS)
    Grading scheme: The course assessment consists of several components: ongoing evaluation, group projects, class participation, and final tests. The assessment at master level is predominantly based on the students┬┐ ongoing performance and their participation in the discussion process. The final test is aimed at verifying the level of knowledge acquired.

    A = Excellent / 6 /
    B = Very good / 5 /
    C = Good / 4 /
    D = Average / 3 /
    E = Average / 3 /
    FX = Poor / 2 /
    F = Poor / 2 /
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