The irrational mind: How biases and heuristics shape our social life (Seminar - Advanced Level)

Provided by: UMA
Bachelor's degree (EQF level: 6)

Have you ever wondered why people make decisions that seem irrational or illogical? Why do we sometimes rely on mental shortcuts, even when it leads us astray? In this seminar, you will learn about the social psychology of cognitive biases and heuristics, exploring how these mental shortcuts influence our social perceptions, judgments, and decision-making. We will not only learn about existing theory and research but will also discuss how biases shape the societies we live in and how we can reduce them in the long run.

  • Fall 2024

    Course start date 2024-09-03
    Course end date 2024-12-03
    Language English
    Credits 6 (ECTS)
    Grading scheme: very good (1,0 - 1,5)
    good (1,6 - 2,5)
    satisfactory (2,6 - 3,5)
    sufficient (3,6 - 4,0)
    failed (5,0)