Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Provided by: NHH
(EQF level: 8)

The purpose of this course is to introduce PhD students to key theories and empirical findings regarding performance differences from entrepreneurship. It is located at the intersection of the entrepreneurshipand strategy literatures, where the strategy literature offers a general understanding of performance differences across firms, while the entrepreneurship literature contributes specifics for the entrepreneurial firm and the entrepreneurial setting.

The course is seminar based. This means that course participants will be actively included in presenting material and classroom discussions. The course will be run fully online in 2024.

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  • Spring semester 2023/24

    Course start date 2024-06-10
    Course end date 2024-06-14
    Language English
    Credits 5 (ECTS)
    Grading scheme: Pass/Fail

    Individual 8 hour home exam.