Sustainable Marketing

Provided by: NHH
Master's degree (EQF level: 7)

In this course we start by focusing on sustainable marketing in business-to-consumer markets, then move our focus towards sustainable marketing in business-to-business markets. Main topics are: * Core ideas and principles of sustainable marketing * Outcomes and effects of sustainable marketing and measurement of outcomes and effects * Antecedents of sustainable marketing, meaning how can companies stimulate and implement sustainable marketing Visit our website for more information (see course details below).

  • Spring semester 2022/23 (from to )

    Course start date 2023-01-09
    Course end date 2023-05-31
    Language English
    Credits 7.5 (ECTS)
    Engagement hours 200
    Grading scheme: Excellent A / Very Good B / Good C / Satisfactory D / Sufficient E / Fail F
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