Sustainable Finance

Provided by: NHH
Master's degree (EQF level: 7)

This course deals with the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, as well as ethical considerations, in investment and financing decisions. It reviews the evidence on how these factors matter for long-term value creation, and examines the concepts, tools and frameworks that allow managers and investors to make informed and ethical decisions.

The financial system’s primary aim is to allocate capital to its most productive use. Traditional finance often focuses solely on financial returns, disregarding ethical considerations and the impact of business on society and the environment (externalities). Ethical business practices and the internalization of externalities often increase the financial value of a business, but not always. This course deals with the complex trade-offs that arise in such cases.

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  • Fall semester 2024/25

    Course start date 2024-08-19
    Course end date 2024-12-20
    Language English
    Credits 7.5 (ECTS)
    Engagement hours 200
    Grading scheme: Excellent A / Very Good B / Good C / Satisfactory D / Sufficient E / Fail F