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Corporate Sustainability

Provided by: NHH
(EQF level: 8)

This PhD seminar addresses key topics in corporate sustainability. It reviews the relevant academic literature, identifies research gaps, and discusses potential avenues for future research. In particular, in this course, we will address questions of whether and how companies can incorporate environmental, social, and governance considerations into their activities to enhance their competitiveness and long-term value. Also, we will discuss the rising pressures of society (including communities, consumers, employees, and others) and shareholders on companies to show sustainable business stewardship, aligning the firm’s policy engagement with their social and environmental business practices and corporate strategies to help mitigate systemic challenges.

The teaching consists of lectures.

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  • Fall semester 2024/25

    Course start date 2024-09-02
    Course end date 2024-09-06
    Language English
    Credits 2.5 (ECTS)
    Grading scheme: Pass/Fail

    Written, individual term paper to be submitted digitally and in English.